ATS Music Group is dedicated to promoting Georgia independent songwriters, artists and bands.  We will be releasing a series of CDs of all independent Georgia music, in different genres: country, gospel, blues, etc.  ATS Music Group will promote the artists involved through this web site and a series of concerts, giving local artists, writers and bands state-wide exposure.  This will introduce people to a whole new area of music they haven’t heard, and will be supporting the local music community by buying and downloading their products.
The first CD released will be called “Georgia Country” and will include songs from 16 very talented writers, artists and bands that are currently playing in local clubs and music festivals.
As we go through this process, we hope you will bookmark this site and track our progress as we introduce you to some of the best music Georgia has to offer.  We also ask that you join our email list so that we can update you on any concerts and promotions in your area of the state.
We hope you will enjoy this site and all the interesting news and developments as we go along and show the world the incredible talent of our local music community.  Thank you!